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Mallory first started CrossFit in an effort to help support and strengthen her boxing abilities. She quickly saw the value of implementing CrossFit methodology into her training and hasn't looked back. A firm believer that CrossFit can help improve anyone's fitness goals or athletic development, Mallory decided to test her new skill set in a competition- she was hooked! Her love of sports, competitive edge, and willingness to try new things ultimately led to the discovery of a new passion. Coaching and inspiring others to live healthy active lifestyles goes far beyond Mallory's career in CrossFit, but now, she cant see doing it any other way. Before CrossFit, olympic barbells and weights were a foreign concept to Mallory's training, in fact, most of her fitness regime consisted of body weight exercises and through sport. Her message to new CrossFitters: don't give up, don't give in to the intimidation of weights, and give it everything you got- after all, CrossFit is for everyBODY! Come unleash your fitness potential with team Bluenose today.

Shannon Benoit (Co-owner)


Robert "Johnny" Hunka (co-owner)

Justin is a lover of all sports with an extensive background in hockey and golf.  Justin has played competitive hockey for the majority of his life, including two years with the Truro Jr. A Bearcats.  Justin is very passionate about his career  in law enforcement and uses CrossFit to stay in prime physical condition. Because Justin has felt so many amazing benefits since incorporating CrossFit into his fitness regime, he feels that utilizing this style of training can improve anyone's day to day activities and is essential to first responders alike. Justin's commitment and dedication to the sport continues to grow daily and he is committed to sharing that passion with each and every member of the CrossFit Bluenose community.

Marguerite Phillips - Coach

Shannon comes from a variety of different competitive athletic backgrounds including soccer, figure skating and swimming.  After becoming a mother she was looking for something to engage her competitive spirit and running wasn't cutting it.  Coach 'M' introduced her to Crossfit and she has never looked back!  It is the perfect arena for personal growth and improvement and it has improved her overall quality of life both physically and mentally.  Coaching was a natural progression for her as she has coached various sports since she was 13 years of age and has a genuine desire to help improve the community at large.  She is a firm believer that you can do anything you put your mind to and that your mind will give up long before your body ever will!  

Mallory Colpitts (co-owner)

Hunka has been involved in the Truro fitness community for many years. He has experience in both private and group personal training , martial arts , and competitive sports. Hunka's career in law enforcement has driven him to stay healthy physically and mentally and to share his love for fitness to the community. Since being introduced to Crossfit in 2012, he has seen an improvement in every aspect of his physical and mental health. Hunka believes that by incorporating Crossfit into any lifestyle, this will help people reach a higher level both in their career and personal life. Being born and raised in Truro, Hunka has a sincere passion to help others in the community reach their goals and will use his past experience and CrossFit skills to do just that! Hunka's endless laughter and light hearted humor cannot be missed when you're around him! Come and share a laugh with him at CrossFit Bluenose! 

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​Originally from Nova Scotia, Chris' law enforcement career has taken him across the country and brought him full circle to Truro.  Partly due to his career choice, Chris has always maintained a high level of physical activity and fitness through running, cycling, mountain biking, snowboarding and resistance training.  It was while living and working on Vancouver Island that Chris happened upon Crossfit through a magazine article which included the workout "Cindy". Immediately following this first WOD he was hooked.  Crossfit brought a renewed enthusiasm to what had become a repetitious fitness routine.  Since discovering Crossfit, Chris has been witness to its benefits for athletes of all ages and abilities, from persons with limited exercise experience, to competitive athletes and tactical law enforcement officers.  In addition to its many physical aspects, Crossfit also develops a strong sense of community both in and out of the gym. 

Justin Russell (co-owner)

Katie McQueen - Coach

Coach "M" spent the majority of her athletic career as a competitive volleyball player. In recent years her focus turned to Obstacle Course Racing and she felt Crossfit would be the perfect addition to her training regime. It wasn't long however before the Crossfit box was chosen over the muddy mountains and an avid Crossfitter was born! The level of fitness Coach M achieved with Crossfit within the first year quickly surpassed any other method or sport she had tried up to that point. It provided the physical endurance, mental fortitude, and most importantly, the community, she required to deal with all life had to throw at her. The variety of movements within the sport has taken her out of her comfort zone many times and has led to a fierce passion for Olympic Weightlifting. Coach M is determined to be an active, healthy, goal oriented role model for her children and would love to see you at Crossfit Bluenose to support you on your personal fitness journey.

Chris MacDonald (Co-owner)